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You turn on the lights and something moves in your peripheral vision. It’s a roach. Suddenly, your once-safe home is now a fear factory. What do you do? Make one call to Pest Shield, and you’ll feel comfy at home once again.

Crush Your Roach Problem

Their presence alone makes you cringe and itch.

Roaches are common pests that they hide in kitchen cabinets, sinks, bathroom, attic, vents, and other places with excess moisture. In the U.S. alone, there are nearly 70 species of the nasty things. In Tennessee, there are only three roach species: brown-banded, German, and Oriental.

No matter what type makes its way into your house, getting rid of them is top priority. Carriers of bacteria, roaches (also known as cockroaches) multiply fast. But there’s no need to fret. Pest Shield has you covered.

What Roaches Want

Roach infestation is frustrating, as they breed and multiply with speed. No matter how many there are in your home, you can get rid of them.

To prevent these creepy crawlers from making your environment unsanitary, make your home unattractive to them. Cockroaches are attracted to the following:

● Damp places
● Leftover food on the sink, floor, countertops, etc.
● Window gaps and door damages
● Leaky faucets and pipes
● Standing water on gutters, yard, plant pots

How to Get Rid of Roaches

Already have cockroaches in your Tennessee home? You don’t have to let them stick around. There are a number of things you can do to get rid of them.

● Clean up. Remember, they’re looking for free meals and water. Don’t offer it.
● Mix boric acid with flour and sugar and place the mixture where roaches thrive.
● Use baits and traps.
● Spray insecticide on areas where roaches hide.
● Call Pest Shield for professional help.

Evict Cockroaches from Your Home

Based in Cleveland, Tennessee, Pest Shield helps get rid of roaches in personal and commercial properties throughout Bradley County, Chattanooga, and the surrounding areas. We’ll not only help get rid of roaches. We’ll also give specific tips to keep them away in the future. Contact us when you’re ready for the roaches in your home to move on.