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Has your property been taken over by buzzing, biting mosquitoes? Take back your yard with our mosquito pest control services.

Make Mosquitoes Buzz Off

Few things are as annoying as a yard full of mosquitoes. They ruin your cookout and cause your beautiful yard to be rendered useless. Worse yet, those mosquitoes that buzz around you threaten to enter your home every time you open the door.
For Tennessee residents, the days of stressing over mosquitoes is over. Thanks to Pest Shield, you can protect your property from this common nuisance and enjoy your property once again.

Mosquito Treatment in Tennessee

If you have a mosquito infestation around your property, it’s important to get rid of them quickly as they may spread diseases.

While professional mosquito removal is the best option, here are some DIY steps you can take to lower the number of mosquitoes in your yard.

● Get rid of standing water. Mosquitoes breed and lay eggs in water. Make it harder for them to multiply by getting rid of their available options. Cover areas that allow water to stay for long and check your yard for discarded cans or bottles that may collect water.
● Encourage mosquito predators. Find ways to encourage lizards, frogs, bats, and birds to call your yard home. All of these love dining on mosquitoes.
● Grow natural mosquito repellants. If you have the space, consider growing plants like citronella, basil, lemongrass, or lavender. They look great and help drive away mosquitoes.

Not finding success on your own? Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your next cookout. Contact Pest Shield to make your yard people friendly today.