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Few bugs are as annoying as fleas, and even fewer can take over your home faster. We’re here to help you reclaim your home and get rid of intruding fleas.

Flea Relief for You and Your Pets

They’re nasty. They’re frustrating. And they pose dangers to both humans and pets. They’re fleas.

For humans, fleas can cause prolonged and severe itching that can result in infections. For pets, fleas can cause anemia, dermatitis, and tapeworms.

If you suspect your home is infested with fleas, Pest Shield can help. Our team can eliminate any type of fleas from your property and ensure they will never come back!

What Are the Signs of Flea Infestation?

Fleas may be small, but their impact is big. How can you know if they’re hanging out in your house? With the following telltale signs:

● Ankle bites
● Flea dirt (often small red-brown or black specks)
● Flea eggs hiding in the carpet or your bedding
● Restless pets
● Pets’ gums become pale
● Red and welts skin
● Severe scratching among humans and pets
● Sudden hair loss among pets (also known as alopecia)
● The appearance of fleas when you walk around with white socks inside your home

What Attracts Fleas?

Fleas are attracted to a lot of things, depending on their life stage. In general, they love warmth, which they find on human and pet skin.

Other examples of flea attractants are:

● Relative warmth: Fleas love warm climates, which is why they usually multiply during the spring and summer seasons. Since fleas love body heat, it’s no surprise they love to hang out on pets and humans.
● Carbon dioxide: Fleas are attracted to carbon dioxide, as it indicates a nearby source of food.
● Darkness: Flea eggs and larvae thrive in the dark, which provides the warmth necessary for their development. When they become adults, they’ll look for a lighted area to search for food.

How Can You Get Rid of Fleas?

Since fleas are a common problem, there are countless DIY solutions to treat them. Examples include:

● Use a powerful vacuum on your mattresses, upholstery, and floors.
● Invest in a steam cleaner and use it regularly on your carpets, upholstery, and pet beds. A steam cleaner produces high heat and contains soap—a combination that is deadly to fleas in all stages of life.
● Cut a lemon thinly and mix it with water to create a lemon spray. Use this solution to clean furniture and other infested areas in your home.

When DIY Doesn’t Cut It

The internet is a goldmine of information when it comes to getting rid of fleas. However, not all of these are effective or provide long-lasting flea relief. If you’re tried home remedies and the fleas aren’t phased, contact us to put a Pest Shield on your home.